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Cut-Off Wheels

K-PRIX reinforced cut-off wheels are designed to easy performance, safety, low cost and

ready availability for use with a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting

applications such as bar stock, structural steel, tubing, sheet metal and etc.

Reinforced cut-off wheels are used in all cutting operations where the work piece or the

wheels is controlled by hand-held machines such as portable grinders, circular saws,

chop saws, gas saws, stationary and swing flame cut-off machines.

Mini Cut-off wheels

For use on small wheel grinders, die grinders with straight or flexible shafts, K-PRIX external reinforced Mini cut-off wheels are used in various metal cutting, grooving, grinding and smoothing operations at foundries, fabrication shops, power plants, refineries and tool rooms.

Cut-off wheels on Circular Saw & Portable Angle Grinder

For use on circular saws and portable angle grinders into a fast, effective and economical tools cut metal, stainless steel, concrete, brick & masonry. K-PRIX external reinforced cut-off wheels meet the the needs of quality performance, low cost and ready availability.

Cut-off wheels on Chopsaw

To meet the larger demand of the fast, clean and safe cutting on popular chopsaw machines in every metal fabricator-indeed any industry. K-PRIX provides two type of reinforced chopsaw wheel. (F2) external reinforced wheels for use on high powered chopsaws and (F1) center reinforced wheels on low powered chopsaws.

Cut-off wheels on Stationary Machine

These external reinforced wheels are designed for use on normal chopsaws, oscillation machines, and other cutting machines where the work piece is fixed and the cutting plane of

the wheel is controlled by hand-held.

Cut-off wheels on High speed gas/electric saw

K-PRIX high speed cut-off wheels are constructed of quality abrasive grains, extra high tensile fiber glass reinforcing and special resin bonds for the fast cutting, long wheel life and safety in gasoline (petroleum) and electric motor driven portable high speed saw applications and in high speed stationary machine applications.

Non reinforced Cut-off wheels

K-PRIX non-reinforced cut-off wheels are constructed of quality abrasive grains and special resin bond for fast cutting and long wheel life, and are widely used in various metal cutting, grooving at power plant, Aero space and Tool & Die industry.

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